The Tallest Man In The World Short Story Kindle Edition

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‘I laughed my ass off.’ – Emanuel Cachia, winner of the 2011 Melton Short Story Competition.’This was funny.’ – Stephanie MuscariSean Hummer, at a height of 5.4m (17ft) is the tallest man in the world and the greatest giraffe impersonator to ever live. When three perverted photographers intrude into his backyard, he retaliates by setting out on a dangerous payback mission. His thirst for revenge leads him to a disturbing and startling secret about himself, and the leaders who run the world.The Tallest Man In The World is a wild ride that will shock readers and make them laugh till their guts hurt. It’s a one-of-a-kind story that will be hard to erase from the memory banks once it’s been read.

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