The Portraits Scandal Kindle Edition

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The compelling story of a young woman forced by her ambitious mother and the pressures of society to marry for position and fortune rather than love, and to a man who has ruthlessly exploited a close friend.
Lady Rosalind Hartfield, whose own improvident marriage once banished her from Society’s fold and into the wilderness, is determined that her daughter, Clarissa, will not share the same fate. She enlists the help of an acquaintance of her late husband, a famous artist, and persuades him to paint a portrait that will throw Clarissa into the dubious marriage mart.
Newly launched onto the choppy waters of this society Clarissa’s reservations about the Duke are confirmed especially after her unsettling meeting with the beautifully handsome but disturbing Claremont.
When Clarissa’s best friend confesses to the true nature of her degradation and violation at the hands of the Duke and his associates, and when she sees her finally corrupted and abandoned, Clarissa is led through a rite of passage of love and into an act in that will lead to fatal consequences.
Set amongst the strict doctrines of high society. The rakish desires and dark excesses of bored high born gentlemen are pitted against the daring social challenges and eccentricities of the Romantic poets. A love story authentically written of the sex, drugs and rock and roll, and the gritty reality behind the facade and ambitious splendour of georgian bon ton society.

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