The Embers Of Ravensforge The Children Of Auberon Book 2 Kindle Edition

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Book 2 in The Children of Auberon Series:
The rift between the Kingdoms of Oakhurst and Nebosham deepens over the fate of the Dragon Triad Relics as Shea Remington adjusts to her new station as Guardian of Oakhurst. Struggling to find her place among the humans while learning about the immense powers of the pieces she possesses, she alone holds the key to their peace. With Connor unable to return to the fae realm and Shea unwilling to return without him, the pair begins to build a life together, much to the chagrin of Queen Liliana.
But a sinister visitor from Connor’s past steals the Keeper of Time, plunging Shea and Connor back into the fae realm against their will, where hidden dangers and treachery at the hands of the Dark Warrior of Erebos lie in wait. Risking everything, Shea races from the ruins of Ravensforge to the deepest catacombs of Erebos to save Connor’s life and recover the stolen relic before the Dark Warrior can exact his final revenge on his most hated enemy of all….Queen Liliana of Oakhurst!

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Rating (out of 5): 5.0

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