The Dark Half Of The Sun The Young Ancients Book 7 Kindle Edition

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Timon Baker isn’t an ordinary boy. He’s smart, hard working, charming, and more than that, he’s immortal.
He’s also the brother of the most famous Wizard in all of Noram, and leaving home for the first time. Things don’t go as planned, since his missing brother has managed to throw both blessings and curses into his life just by existing.
It isn’t easy living in the shadow of someone that great, but the world is about to see that Timon Baker isn’t just “Tor the lesser” but a power in his own right.
Because Timon isn’t just some school boy, he’s a person that understands the world around him, and how to shape it to his own desires.
And in the end, anyone that chooses him for an enemy will learn that it was a very bad idea indeed.

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Rating (out of 5): 4.1

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