Sweet Dreams Finding Infinity Book 1 Kindle Edition

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Is it really too late for some dreams to come true?
Liddy James has put off her dream of owning her own French cupcake shop for 25 years, ever since she came home from Paris after college. Now, a widow and an empty-nester, she knows if she’s ever going to do it, she better make it happen soon. Unfortunately, there are still a few roadblocks in her path of her finally achieving her dream. One is a sexy but mysterious DEA Agent dealing with the rampant local meth problem who obviously wants her—but preferably not living in the same town, another is a cantankerous elderly mother who refuses to play fair, and finally, there are the xenophobic townspeople of Infinity, Georgia who want nothing to do with her, her fancy cupcakes, and her big-city ways. In fact, they would be happy to help her go back to where she came from—even if that’s the hard way.
Check out this exciting new romantic serial starting with “The 1st Step” for just 99c or, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber all three installments are FREE.

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Rating (out of 5): 3.9

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