Stud Cat Star Chronicles Kindle Edition

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PRAISE FOR THE CAT STAR CHRONICLES:”Hot and yummy…this is a series that just gets better and better.”-Night Owl Romance THEY’RE GALAXIES APART…Even for a Zetithian, Tarq Zulveidinoe’s sexual prowess is legendary. Believing it’s all he’s good for, Tarq sets out to perpetuate his threatened species by offering his services to women across the galaxy…BUT ONE FORCE CAN BRING THEM TOGETHER…Lucinda Force is the sensitive dark horse in a self-absorbed family, repeatedly told that no man will ever want such a plain woman. Lucy longs for romance, but is resigned to her loveless lot in life-until Tarq walks through the door of her father’s restaurant on Talus Five…MORE PRAISE FOR THE CAT STAR CHRONICLES:”Full of humor and love…almost too hot to hold.”-Bookloons “High caliber entertainment from beginning to end…I couldn’t put it down.”-Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews”You will laugh, fall in love with an alien or two, and be truly agog at the richness Ms. Brooks brings to her worlds.”-Long and Short Reviews

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Rating (out of 5): 4.3

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