SCARRED Part 3 The SCARRED Series Book 3 Kindle Edition

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Scarred Part 3 – PLEASE READ PART 1 & 2 FIRST
After agreeing to attend a Gala in New York with Derek, Chloe stumbles into her worst nightmare. Vince Donovan…District Attorney of New York…Jesse Donovan’s father.
RUN… is the only thought firing in her head.
When Derek finally catches up with her, she realizes that her world has been flipped upside down and out of control. Chloe now decides to let the flood gates open. She can’t control her emotions any longer, she understands that she can’t do this alone anymore or she will break.
Finally, she peels away every single layer of her nightmare that she has tucked away her entire life to Derek. Shocked beyond belief, Derek can’t even begin to fathom the pain this woman has had to endure. The rage he feels is overwhelming, wanting to kill both the men that have broken this beautiful soul. Derek convinces Chloe to finally take the step to meet the Whitemore’s.
Meanwhile, Jesse has been released from prison, she learns that he has put Chantelle in the hospital and is now on Chloe’s trail.
Chloe’s walls are crumbling…Her emotions are shattered…Could these people really be her biological parents? And is she strong enough to take on Jesse when the time comes?
NOTE: This is intended for 18+ due to abuse and sexual content. Book 3 DOES contain a CLIFFHANGER!

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