Operation Cobra Blood Alpha Four Series Book 6 Kindle Edition

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The 6th novel in the Alpha Four action adventure seriesAn American Taliban named David Jordan is critically wounded in Afghanistan, and Doc Gavin works feverishly to save his life. But his patient is snatched from his care and all traces of David Jordan’s presence are erased, all except one small vial of David’s blood.That vial holds the secrets of a covert operation so sensitive that any knowledge of its existence will prove fatal. What is so secret that the team of Alpha Four is ordered to be eliminated, and by whom?And what would cause Alpha Four to poison three Afghan villages in the name of National Security?Follow Alpha Four on their latest mission as they unravel the secretscontained in that vial and confront their enemies, both at home and abroad.Enjoy the entire Alpha Four action/adventure series.Book 1: Garden HarvestBook 2: Operation DonnerstagBook 3: Operation MendosaBook 4: Operation Ghost BirdBook 5: Operation Eminent DomainBook 6: Operation Cobra Blood

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