Memoirs Of A Zone Raider Final Raid Kindle Edition

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In the future, nature has recovered from the abuses of mankind and there is no more war. The world nations are at peace with one another. They have bigger fish to fry, believe you me!70 years after the Zombie Riots, the surviving nations of the world have all migrated to the Polar Regions, where the mutants can’t survive. Between latitudes 55º north and 55º south, there is a region known as the “Red Zone”, where hordes of zombies inhabit ghost cities in the hundreds of thousands. But there are worse things than zombies out there. Mutant creatures have evolved that prey and thrive on the flesh of ghouls. To these monstrous creatures, a normal human is as appetising a meal as any rotting zombie.Under the UN charter for re-colonisation of the Red Zone, independent adventurer-capitalists like Rex Reileigh and the crew of the freighter Forlorn Glory venture into the forbidden regions of the globe to seize resources and salvage equipment invaluable to the survival of mankind. They, and many others, are the Zone Raiders.

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