Knights Of Valor Kindle Edition

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A LADY armed with a quick sword and a sharp tongue flees the fire that destroyed her mother. A KNIGHT vows to return her to her dying father. Will the flames of her past consume them both? A KNIGHT OF HONOR
An Irish LADY trapped in a vicious marriage. An English KNIGHT willing to risk all to protect his childhood love. A knight’s victory could be the lady’s undoing…A KNIGHT’S VICTORY
In hiding, a LADY TAILOR sews garments of costly silk to provide for her son. A KNIGHT seeks stolen cloth and finds instead his long-lost love. As he unravels her secrets will he lose all he holds dear or win the greatest honor of all? A KNIGHT’S REWARD.
A bastard KNIGHT gives his heart to a LADY who is his equal. Can he protect her from the husband who wants her dead and win the happiness that is their true legacy? SUMMER’S STORM

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Rating (out of 5): 4.4

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