JET V Legacy Kindle Edition

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JET V – Legacy is the fifth installment in the bestselling JET series, which follows the saga of the Mossad’s deadliest ex-operative, who faked her own death to escape her past. In this novel, JET is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the ones she loves, and the world, safe.+ + + Q&A with Russell BlakeQ: How is JET V – Legacy different than the prior JET novels?Russell Blake: In JET V, I take a different perspective on her motivations, as well as try to conjure up a plot so racing that the reader is left gasping by the end of the novel. Certainly, Jet is always in crisis, but never more so than in this volume.Q: What’s similar to the other novels?RB: JET V takes place over a week, and picks up only a few days after JET IV finishes. So if you were to read them back-to-back, the action seems to continue without letup across the series. In JET II I sort of duplicated the pacing of the original JET, and then in JET III tried a slightly different approach. I’d say JET IV and V are very similar in terms of pace and style, with the fifth volume in the Assassin series, Blood of the Assassin, also very similar. That’s another way of saying that I believe these books have really hit the groove, entertaining without letup.Q: How much more does JET have to go in the series?RB: I originally said that I can see the series running five or six books. That’s changed since around book four, where I can see it maybe going to seven or eight. I think there’s more than enough left to tell to take it that far – I had to leave out some of the ideas I had in this one, and kept telling myself, “save it for JET VI.” So there’s your answer, which at this point, is clear as mud, I would think. That’s my way of saying I have no idea. But I haven’t grown bored of telling her story, which is a very good thing, I think. Same for the Assassin novels – I can see writing one or two per year for at least another few years, if not longer.

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