How To Be Happy On A Cloudy Planet Lin Of Luratia Book 1 Kindle Edition

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The remarkable story of the life of a girl who lives on a neighboring planet.
THE PLANET Luratia is a magenta world of clouds and lightning, a Nano Age world of holographic videophones, space elevators, and gadgets powered by electricity captured from the air — all made possible by the super-material graphene, recently discovered on Earth.
THE GIRL Lin di Ana is a woman of future greatness, although she doesn’t know this yet, she’s only ten years old. She lives in Bree, a small fishing village so remote and primitive, mail is still delivered by carrier birds and fish. Lin feasts on daydreams of traveling the world and studying at the prestigious international schools of the Continent, Luratia’s largest country and the epicenter of its social and technological awakening.
THE STORY When she loses the person she most loves, Lin takes on a spirited fight to make her small life bigger. With the help of a band of schoolmates, she brings technology to Bree and finds that progress can be messy and win you enemies along the way. Lin discovers that tragedy can make you a stronger, better, even happier person … if you let it.

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