Feral Instincts The Feral Series Kindle Edition

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A young woman robbed of her very life and everything she holds dear… A rather gentle and soft hearted soul, Ava is content in her quiet little life. She has a good job and two friends that she loves dearly. She never suspected that it could all be taken from her in one fluttering heartbeat. Victim of a devious plot, Ava finds herself in the middle of a living nightmare. Taken captive by a monster, she awakes forever changed. Her life will never be the same again. Afraid of becoming a monster herself, she will have to learn to adapt to this brutal new world she has been thrust into. She will have to find the strength to embrace what she has become and to face her fears if she hopes to save herself and the beast who once saved her.A man who’s path has been chosen by fate… Sent by his pack to help the vampires with a rogue uprising, Teagan agrees to help them track the rogue leader. As the future alpha of his Lykan pack his responsibilities are clear… that is until he rescues a fallen angel from a rogue vampire out for power and revenge. He knows he can never have her but her unmistakable pull is hard to resist as is the beast that resides within him. They will have to put their reservations aside if they hope to survive what lies ahead. What would you sacrifice to save the person you love? Will the beast ultimately destroy the woman he would give his very life to protect? Sometimes we are forced to find strength we never knew we had in order to survive. ~~~Giving into the urge to touch his hot skin, she slowly caressed his muscled chest. He was one of the most terrifying creatures she had ever seen, but somehow she was drawn to him just the same. She had never seen anything like him. He was huge and scary but he didn’t feel dark and evil like the others that had brought her here.“Have you come to kill me?” Ava asked, calmly looking at the huge knife he held in his hand.Her sweet voice rasped in a husky whisper into the dimly lit room. Teagan didn’t know how to answer her. Was she a rogue? They hadn’t come across any female rogues yet. Salvatore had only been turning strong males for his army.“What are you?” the angel asked him in wonder.Teagan hesitated a moment before answering her. “I am Lykan.” He answered her with a voice gone rough from the beast within him. It was always hard to speak in his beast form. He was shocked that this little slip a girl had dared to touch him. The muscles on his chest flexed in response to her gentle touch, and he resisted the urge to lean into her wondering hand.Looking down at the hand on his chest he growled, “What are you?” He breathed deeply of her scent, trying to figure it out. She smelled like a vampire but also of human and soft female and something else… Teagan tensed, she also had a male vampire’s scent all over her. Could it be Salvatore’s scent? Was she some sort of new rogue hybrid? Gods he hoped not. He didn’t want to destroy her. The look of wonder on her face disappeared as a look of utter despair filled her eyes. She struggled to find the words to answer his question. “I… I… don’t know what I am.” Tears began to slide down her cheeks. She leaned her forehead into his chest, softly crying. Looking down at her in confusion, he cautiously wrapped his arm around her holding her to his chest. Clenching his fist he resisted moving his hand to rub the soft skin of her back in comfort.“I… I’m a monster.” Her soft voice came to him in a quiet shame filled whisper. “Like him… he… he did this to me. He infected me. Please… I can’t be a monster. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Please… I think… you have to kill me.”

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