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How can a drunken, neurotic cabby take the world to the brink of nuclear war? We all have moments where we drift off whilst staring through a dull image. How many of us imagine a “new me,” only to shudder at its absurdity in the bleak reality of a morning hangover? No matter how we attempt to construct our throwaway thoughts, our subconscious intervenes to confuse us with an unlikely mix of time, locations and characters. How long do we spend in our wishful worlds? Meet Nails Mason, 35, a chronic alcoholic incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction. In between bouts of asylum care, he roams the inhospitable streets of London’s West End, cocooned within his own richly detailed dream world. The aroma of an Italian restaurant’s litter bin can transport him back to the Renaissance as a dashing sculptor. Other days he is a victorious Olympian, a rebellious Somme soldier, Horatio Nelson or a suave James Bond type who saves the world and gets the girl.

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