Evensong Kindle Edition

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To save her land and people, Lady Grace de la Barre must make a difficult choice after her father’s death. She travels from her home in northern England to the glittering court of Queen Mary Tudor to accept a betrothal to her family’s sworn enemy. Her betrothed is too busy to be concerned with the young heiress, however, and leaves Grace in the keeping of his dashing half-brother, Sir Nicholas Grant, a knight of the realm who is determined to regain his father’s title with the strength of his sword. Acting as guardian to his brother’s betrothed is not part of his plans. Soon, both Grace and Nicholas find themselves fighting an attraction that could ruin all.As court intrigue and border battles swirl around Nicholas and Grace, each are faced with choices that will affect their future. Love or honor, family or duty. Their fates are intertwined as tightly as the conspiracies that surround them.

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