Blood Trail Fannin County Texas Book 1 Kindle Edition

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Blood Trail is the 1st book in the Fannin County, Texas series. Dylan Ryan leaves his father’s Alabama plantation to escape a past he wants to forget and seek a new life in the vastness of Texas. It is 1836, and the final days of the war with Mexico. Already settlers eager to claim land are crossing the border. Dylan befriends an older man with a dark past, who is being chased by outlaws hungry for gold and convinced Mort Lems knows the location of an old trail where a fortune in bullion is buried. Dylan and Mort join a small wagon train to blend in with families headed up the Red River Trail. Young Abigail Waverly is among them, the wife of a much older man who has abandoned her to seek glory at the last battle of the war. Dylan finds he must choose to search for the Blood Trail and the stolen gold, or follow after a woman just out of his reach. The choice he makes will decide his future.
Blood Trail is a fictional representation of early settlement life along the Red River. It was a time when good people and those running from their past came together to settle land and fight against Indians who felt that same land belonged to them.
Fire On The Prairie is the 2nd book in the Fannin County, Texas, series due to be available in the summer of 2014.

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