Black Swan Collected Tales Books 46 Elves Fae Werewolves Vampires Demons And Witches Paranormal Romances Knights Of Black Swan Box Set Book 2 Kindle Edition

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She fell into another dimension, but her fall was cushioned by the Knights of Black Swan.USA TODAY Bestselling author, Victoria Danann, brings us a complex, unique, and wonderfully heartwarming series that continues with the next three installments of eight total. Voted BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES of 2013 – Reviewer’s Choice Awards, The Paranormal Romance Guild.In a matter of minutes Elora Laiken lost everything familiar. She escaped assassination by being forced into an experimental device that left her in an alternate dimension – broken, physically and emotionally. She woke up to find she had landed in an installation of an ancient society of vampire hunters and paranormal investigators. Her reality was rearranged to accommodate modern day knights, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, fae, berserkers, psychics and a past life therapist. This is her epic journey, the story of how they became her allies, friends, and family. There is a place where romance, fantasy, and adventure intersects fairy tales and Elora Laiken learned that love can find you in the strangest places, when you’re least expecting it, even when you’re far, far from home. If you love romance, paranormal, adventure, suspense, fantasy, tears, laughter, and complex storylines, this series is right for you. Age 17+***315,000 words of Full Length NovelsBook 4:MOONLIGHT: the Big Bad WolfBEST VAMPIRE~SHIFTER NOVEL of 2013, REVIEWER’S CHOICE AWARDS, the Paranormal Romance GuildLISTOPIA #1 Best Books of May 2013 (all genres)Night Owl Reviews TOP PICKBook 5: GATHERING STORM: The smallest turn of fate.LISTOPIA BEST BOOKS OF SEPTEMBER#1 Best Indie Read of 2013 – The Book HavenNight Owl Reviews Top PickBook 6: A TALE OF TWO KINGDOMS: Love is the exception to every rule.LISTOPIA #1 Best Books of January 2014.Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK.

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