A Matter Of Honor Jeb Taylor Series Kindle Edition

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When Jebediah Taylor, running from the ghosts of Appomattox, finds his valley, in the western mountains, he thinks he’s found the place to heal his soul; but the greed, and lust for power, that fed that war, finds him, even there in those remote mountains, where he must fight to the death, for life and love.It’s hard enough to carve a ranch out of the wilderness when you’re alone. The task is ever harder, when you must do your building, carrying the ghosts of a long dead war. The burden gets unbearably heavy when you find yourself the last target of the most powerful megalomaniac in the territory. When you’ve been beaten, burned out, had your herd rustled, shot, and pursued across the high country, you end up in a pretty poor mood, and go hunting for revenge. The only thing that can save your soul, and keep you from sinking into the abyss, are the friends who find you along the way, and the unexpected, lusty, passion of the woman who heals your heart.

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